September 11, 2001

For 12 years, using a senseless act of violence as an excuse, both major parties in Washington have exhausted the nation’s budget surplus in an effort to bring war to nations who control our oil resources. The approximately $6 trillion we’ve spent on harassing and destroying peoples who have posed no legitimate threat to our borders or populace could have kept Social Security, Medicare, and Welfare afloat for generations. What have we gained from this endless conflict that can even begin to compare with the social and economic stability we traded for it? People say never forget 9/11. Never forget 9/11. Don’t forget it! Never forget! Fine… preserve the memory of that moment of chaotic panic. Remember the innocent fallen and the guilty fallen, the heroes and the cowards. But also never forget the 12 years of reckless war-making, the unprecedented war-profiteering, the relentless demagoguery, the aerial robotic war-machines, the contracted mercenaries, the prison camps, the torture rooms, the dissolution of habeas corpus, the escalation of government surveillance, the growth of military-grade civilian police forces, and the selling-out of the young and the poor and the elderly that financed a war over oil and bitter revenge. Remember that the definition of terrorism is that which causes terror to achieve a political goal, and know that Al Qaeda could never hope to cause the same level of terror that our own government has been spreading over the Middle East, Asia, and its own constituents. Remember that an act of violence that spanned three hours did not cause a still-surging war that has spanned a dozen years; but rather, our own greed, selfishness, fear, bigotry, sensationalism, and lust for revenge caused the longest period of war in American history. The events of twelve years ago were unexpected, unprovoked, and unconscionable, and they were not our fault. The events of the past twelve years were also unexpected, also unprovoked, and also unconscionable, and they are all our fault. Just as the child who is bullied often becomes a bully, we were the victims of terrorism, and now we are the terrorists. Never forget that.

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