I once wrote a blog called Unorthodox Atheist.  The title was utter nonsense and attracted too many obnoxious questions.  It also gave smug losers the smug ammunition of smugly saying, “[Unorthodox Atheist quote]. Sounds pretty orthodox to me! Hoo hoo hoo… I’m smug.”  That got annoying. At the same time I co-hosted a podcast with K. J. Mitchell and, later, Megan Glassman called Two Smokin’ Hot Freethinkers. I’m pretty sure that’s still out there on the web, but I can’t be assed to find it.

I went on to write Homosecular Gaytheist, which was a big hit and attracted hundreds of regular readers and thousands of monthly individual hits.  It grew to being an overdeveloped group blog and imploded on itself.  It was also regularly misread as “gay theist,” which is far from accurate.  I deleted it so that I could involve myself in my friend’s run for Congress without my old blog hanging around as a politically incorrect albatross.  The archives exist somewhere still, but fuck if I know where.

After getting out of the politics deathtrap, I piddled around on a little WordPress latrine I called Horrible Thoughts.  It wasn’t so much a blog about entertaining thoughts that some straight-laced people would deem horrible as much as it was a vomit bucket filled with the type of unfunny whining screeds you would expect a high school student to post on MySpace before shooting up his freshman class. This was not my proudest moment.

I moved on to a satirical blog (and accompanying YouTube channel) called Low-Hanging Bad Apples, which was mostly a pun about testicles. After applying to Liberty University for a B.S. in religion, I deleted this last vestige of my atheistic writing to avoid detection as a wolf at Sheep U. I was found out by a classmate who Googled me and discovered a 2007 article I wrote for the Atheist Community of Austin newsletter and the American Atheists, Inc. magazine. I was then kicked out of Liberty University for being an atheist. Whoops.

Now that I’m back in public school and my political opinions are no longer grounds for expelling me from school, I’m back. (Collective groan from the readers.) I’m keeping my Tumblr pseudonym (Christ Goldman) and my old Tumblr URL (christgoldman.com) in order to try and hang on to my hipsterish Tumblr readership, but I assure you I will not let this blog devolve into a Tumblresque cavalcade of meaningless memes and Benedict Cumberbatch gifs. I plan on using this space to discuss subjects related to atheism, anarchism, marijuana, and queer rights. If you agree with my positions on these topics subscribe to my blog. If you disagree with my positions on these topics, comment and tell me so. The comment sections here are total free speech zones (with some common-sense limitations to preserve decorum) and I encourage you to write and tell me why you think I’m an uninformed asshole.

– Christ Goldman (J. Reed Braden)

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