Comment Policy

A few simple rules:

No bashing.  Certain offensive words should not be used against other people, although they are okay in a non-libelous context such as self-deprecation, an academic context, or quotes.  Use common sense before you salt up your language.

No spam.  No one wants to buy your shitty little Cherokee hair tampons, and we’re not interested in what Nostradamus told you in your dreams last night.  The comment sections are meant for discussion about the topic in the post, they are not a means for you to promote your crap.

You must use a valid email address (or WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter account) to comment.  If I check and your email address is invalid, your IP address will be banned.

Links are okay, but keep them to a minimum and only link to pages that are relevant to the blog or the discussion in the comment section. Image macros may be put in comments using the <img> tag, but please keep them smaller than 400X400.  I will resize any images I deem to be too large.

You have the freedom to say whatever you want here as long as you are not slandering other people or breaking the law, but you must respect that other people also have that same freedom.  You can say your prayers and defend your scriptures, but don’t expect people to respect your beliefs just because you demand that they do so.  This is a rational blog and rational people judge ideas on their merit, not on their longevity.

If you don’t want your IP address and email address to show up publicly, don’t be a dick.  If you troll or spam my blog, I’ll post your IP address in the comment section as a service to other people who may also want to ban you from commenting on their blogs.  That threat is the easiest way to keep this blog a dickless zone… Lorena Bobbitt charges too much to hire as a comment moderator.

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